Edge Institute

Our training programs empower entrepreneurs and educators to become confident catalysts for change.

Only confident change agents can identify solutions to real world problems like hunger, poverty, and inequity. To be a true change agent requires the ability to experiment and persevere through a multitude of barriers. An individual’s belief in their capacity to execute entrepreneurial actions is a key factor in success, with the most confident entrepreneurs demonstrating greater energy, motivation, effort, and perseverance in pursuing their goals.

Training Programs Designed to Support Economic Growth

We have a strong record of working closely with decision-makers at academic institutions, corporations, government agencies, and NGOs.

Empowering Change Agents

We do not simply talk or write about problems and opportunities. We help individuals find solutions that they can act on, immediately!

Our training programs support regional, national and global economic growth. Working closely with clients, we co-create innovative entrepreneurship programs that strengthen your entrepreneurs’ and educators’ confidence, leadership and collaboration skills, curiosity, persistence , and grit; empowering them to solve sticky problems.