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The VIP Called YOU!

I address a question from a reader of my Small Business Growth & Innovation Newsletter about working ON your business as opposed to IN your business.

When was the last time you made an appointment with yourself?
You make appointments with VIP clients, prospects and other key players in your business, right? So why not with yourself? You’re a VIP – the most important one in your business! You need to begin treating yourself like one and start focusing your efforts to work ON your business versus simply IN it. Both are important tactics, but working ON your business allows you to take the time to set the tone and direction for success and growth.

Have You Outgrown Your Business?

Have you adjusted your business activities to reflect the growth of your business?
As our businesses grow, a common challenge that many owners face is their inability to change their role in the business. If you’ve been wearing every hat to grow your business to its current stage and that’s not working for you any longer, watch this week’s video for some tips on how to make changes that will get you to the next level!

The Art of the Pitch

When was the last time you worked on perfecting your elevator pitch?
At the heart of every business’ success story is their ability to convey their value proposition succinctly and clearly to key stakeholders. If you haven’t worked on perfecting your elevator pitch, now is the time to do so if you want to accelerate growth. Watch this week’s video to discover tips on perfecting your pitch and check out my Elevator Pitch Template to start today!

What’s Luck Got to Do With Business Success?

Are you seizing lucky business opportunities?
I’m often asked why I wrote about the role of luck in business. It turns out lucky business owners (defined as those whose businesses are growing) are actually engaged in different business activities than folks who are simply working hard (but not able to seize lucky opportunities). Learn more about what these activities are by watching this week’s video.

Are Business Cards Passé?

With the prevalence of technology engrained in almost everything we do, is it time to get rid of physical business cards and begin using a v-card?. Learn how I responded by watching this week’s video.

 Is Goal Setting Really Worth It?

Research proves that if you set very specific goals (SMART ones), your chances of achieving them increase significantly. Watch how I respond to a question from one of the entrepreneurs participating in a business growth program that I teach in Massachusetts who wonders if it’s really worth his time to set goals.

Do You Have A Branding Problem?

Branding is all about the customer experience. Perception IS reality. Watch how I respond to a question about the challenges and danger of misaligning one’s brand/value promise with what the customer actually experiences when they interact with a business.