Our Immersive Learning Experiences Engage and Empower Your Group’s Entrepreneurial Spirit… At Every Stage of Business Growth

Growth and Change Demand Dedicated Focus!

To accelerate growth, one has to change the way they think about business, customers and products. Our training programs are designed as learning experiences that provide small business owners, budding entrepreneurs and corporate executive and managers with the tools to drive profit,  secure and improve customer loyalty and achieve sustainable levels of growth.

Our action-oriented Workshops, Boot Camps and Immersive Learning Experiences(ILEs) help participants create a blueprint for moving from idea to desired outcomes!

We will help your constituents dodge many of the common mistakes and misconceptions of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  At the same time, we will help your organization with the same challenges!

If you’re  looking to drive entrepreneurial activity in your region for the companies, entrepreneurs or employees that you support, we can help you achieve your goal. The Entrepreneurial Immersion Lab @ Edge Institute designs unique learning experiences for each stage of business growth, customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Our clients range from Economic Development organizations to incubators, educational institutions, NGOs and corporations around the world interested in unleashing entrepreneurial behavior.

Entrepreneurial Immersion Lab’s Focus on the 3 Stages of Growth
Recognizing that each stage of business requires a unique focus., our customized programs are uniquely designed to guide and support participants as they develop a blueprint to achieve their desired goals.  By weaving gaming strategy into all of our learning experiences, we engage and empower the participants in a fun and safe environment allowing them to experiment with new tools and best practices while ensuring they have the skills required  to achieve their goals after the program has ended.

1Emerge: Designed for individuals or organizations interested in launching new ventures

2. Expand: This program helps support early stage business owners who need to validate and test market demand for their organization or business

3. Scale: Specifically created around the challenges and opportunities high-growth businesses and corporate divisions face as they strive to innovate  their business model

Support doesn’t end when the training does. To ensure your organization or the participants achieve their goals, we offer Edge Coach™, designed to provide support after participants have completed the Learning Experience. Typically designed as a blended model of onsite and online coaching, we can customize the delivery model based on your organization’s goals and the goals of the participants in the program.