Trainer, Educator & Coach Programs (TEC)

We enable trainers, educators, and coaches to cultivate confident entrepreneurs who see barriers as opportunities. Our training model allows educators to experience first-hand what it feels like to be a student in an experiential, entrepreneurship learning environment with the goal of helping them apply this experience to their own classrooms. 

Our Trainer, Educator, & Coach (TEC) programs prepare educators to develop a stronger understanding of experiential, student-centric instructional strategies. In addition, participants gain a solid understanding of the science behind adult learning so they can directly apply this knowledge to their own entrepreneurship teaching and coaching environments. 

Deploying Kolb’s (1984) experiential learning theory (ELT), we incorporate four learning modes in our programs. Participants experience multiple learning cycles that begin with concrete experiences, followed by reflective observation. Next, participants create meaning from the experience with a focus on actively experimenting with this new knowledge as they apply it to their teaching practice.

Trainer, Educator & Coach Programs (TEC)

Participants work with colleagues in the TEC programs to develop their own systematic way to address teaching challenges. Through engaging articles, podcasts, blogs, videos, discussions, presentations, and projects, the importance of reflection is underscored to encourage and support reflective trainers, coaches, and educators. 

The primary deliverable for our TEC programs is engagement in a Teaching Experiment. This project provides participants with the opportunity to create a new lesson plan based on a teaching approach that they discovered during the program. During the program, they will have the opportunity to implement the lesson in their current entrepreneurship class and receive feedback from peers in the program. After implementation, they will individually and collectively (with their team) reflect on the effectiveness of the plan in their classroom, noting what worked and what could be improved. Then, they will make refinements to their lesson plan and share it with all program participants. 

Training Topics Include:

Adult Learning Theories that Support Classroom Engagement

Designing Powerful, Student-Centric
Learning Experiences

Helping Learners Develop Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy (Confidence)
& Grit (Passion & Perseverance)

Instructional Design for In-Person and Online Entrepreneurship
Learning Environments

Empowering Confidence in Your Teaching and Skills & Instructional Practices

Shaping Your Future
Entrepreneurial Classes