[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]The EXPAND Program helps participants further VALIDATE and TEST market demand as their young company grows. By the end of the custom-designed learning experience, participants will  clearly understand which strategic and tactical actions they need to take to steer the direction of their growing firm and design a Business Action Plan to get them there.

Topics May Include:

  • Innovative Business Model Design
  • Entrepreneurial Challenges and Opportunities Assessment
  • SMART goal setting for your business
  • Stages of Business Growth
  • Customer Discovery and Product Design
  • Analyze Market Data To Determine The Optimal Sales, Marketing And Business Tactics
  • Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes To Deliver A Higher ROI On Your Marketing Investment
  • Creating Customer Profiles & Personas to Create a Winning Brand
  • Pricing And Distribution Decisions
  • Effectively Present Your Business To Attract Customers, Investors And Other Key Stakeholders
  • Numbers Tell a Story: Using Financial and Customer Data To Make Informed Business Decisions
  • Creating A Dashboard and KPI’s to Manage Growth
  • Sales Best Practices – Why Every Business Owner Needs to Know how to Sell
  • Building Strong Teams that Scale
  • Beyond Economic Profit: Measuring For Social Impact
  • Presentation of Business Action Plans