Entrepreneurship Impact Indicator™ (EII)

With 30+ years’ experience running entrepreneurship training programs around the globe, we embrace the pivotal role sociocultural values, beliefs, and attitudes about entrepreneurship play in the success of a program. 

Not only are our training programs customized to meet our audiences’ unique needs, we measure our impact and provide you with evidence that demonstrates changes in participants’ entrepreneurial confidence (self-efficacy), agency, grit, growth mindset, and knowledge. 

Our trademark tool, the Entrepreneurship Impact Indicator™ (EII)  measures outcomes is based on reliable and validated survey instruments that assess 14 distinct measures of entrepreneurial confidence and future-oriented success factors.

Design Thinking

The Entrepreneurship Impact Indicator™ (EII) is comprised of two instruments,  Entrepreneurs Impact Assessment and the Entrepreneurship Educator Impact Assessment. The EEI is designed to measure the learner’s entrepreneurial confidence as well as their  educators’ confidence in supporting their learners’ success.

The Entrepreneurs Impact Assessment  includes measures that focus on entrepreneurial self-efficacy and identity, learning self-efficacy, growth mindset, grit (passion + perseverance), social awareness, critical thinking, and reflective capacity.

The Entrepreneurship Educator Impact Assessment  includes measures of teacher self-efficacy, general self-efficacy, grit (passion + perseverance), entrepreneurial identity, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, entrepreneurship pedagogical content knowledge, and reflective capacity.