The LAUNCH Program will CRYSTALLIZE the participant’s vision and determine if their concept is feasible. By the end of the program, participants will know which strategic and tactical actions they need to take as they make a “Go : No-Go” determination and design their Business Launch Plan.

Topics May Include:

  • Defining Your Entrepreneurial Vision
  • Brainstorming and Idea Generation
  • Innovative Business Model Design
  • Identify Customer Needs and Defining Target Markets
  • Prototyping and Customer Discovery Tools and Tactics
  • Aligning Marketing Tactics: From Online to In-Person Customer Acquisition
  • Business Value Propositions: Presenting Your Business to Attract Customers, Investors and Other Key Stakeholders
  • Making The “Go-No-Go” Decision
  • Determine an Ideal Branding Strategy to Differentiate Your Business From Competitors
  • Numbers Tell a Story: Using Financial Data to Make Informed Business Decisions
  • Creating A Dashboard To Manage Growth
  • Understanding The Impact of Cash Flow
  • Thinking Global From The Start
  • Beyond Economic Profit: Measuring For Social Impac
  • Presentation of Launch Plans with Feedback from Peers and Faculty