[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]The SCALE Program helps business owners recognize and identify sustainable growth opportunities. The focus of the program is to support the design of a strategic and realistic Business Accelerator Plan to scale their organization.

Topics May Include:

  •  Customer Profiles & Market Segmentation for the Next Level of Growth
    Ensuring a Strong ROI of Your Marketing Investment
  • Competitive Assessment and Market Differentiation
  • Refining Your Business Value Proposition and Brand Image
  • Establishing Powerful and Aligned Channels of Distribution
  • Designing Customer-Centric Integrated Marketing Programs
  • Pricing as a Strategic and Tactical Tool
  • Effectively Present Your Business to Attract Customers, Investors and Other Key Stakeholders
  • Managing Your Sales Team
  • Sales Best Practices – Why Every Business Owner Needs to Know how to Sell
  • Numbers Tell a Story: Using Financial and Customer Data To Make Informed Business Decisions
  • Creating A Dashboard and KPI’s to Manage Growth
  • Differentiating between Leadership and Management
  • Building Strong Teams to Get You to the Next Level
  • Beyond Economic Profit: Measuring and Weaving Social Value Into Your Growth Strategy
  • Presentation of Business Accelerator Plans
  • Setting the Stage for Innovative Growth
  • SMART goals and deploying Business Model Canvas (BMC) as a Framework for Growth
  • Customer Discovery and Product Design
  • Analyze Market Data To Determine Optimal Sales, Marketing and Business Goals