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Cognitive experts have shown that after just 7 days, up to 90% of learning is lost. At Edge Institute, we understand that a critical component of designing memorable learning experiences is creating an environment where students embrace and adopt the new material as soon as they learn it. This adoption reinforces and supports the training, ensuring participants don’t lose the majority of what they’ve learned within only days of each class session.

Therefore, to address this challenge and stop the lost opportunity to educate future leaders, Edge Institute training programs are designed to support educational goals.

We will show you how to offer a unique blend of interactive, experience-based exercises that ensure the learning style has an impact on the students who not only practice what they are taught but also make the new material a part of who they are and who they will become.

Our custom-designed programs offers faculty and trainers the opportunity to experience activity-based learning as a critical approach to teaching business topics, then apply the knowledge immediately to enhance their students’ classroom experience. They will learn, act and apply the knowledge throughout the Boot Camp, in the same manner that their students will. This will support their ability to teach using the same, best-practice, activity-based methodologies demonstrated in the program. Participants will first be exposed to an intensive business  workshop and then will receive hands-on advice from the Edge Institute faculty about how to deliver the same experiential style of learning in their own classrooms.