Training Programs & Instructional Tools that empower entrepreneurs and educators to become confident catalysts for change

Our training programs stand out from the multitude of entrepreneurship programs that only focus on teaching topics such as finance and marketing. Yes, we teach these concepts, but of equal importance, our  programs teach participants how to confidently master the art of becoming entrepreneurial change agents.

We focus on creating confident entrepreneurs by emboldening participants to experiment, experience, and reflect upon their actions throughout the training. These bold steps ensure participants evaluate and embrace what worked, what did not go as planned, and reflect on their new knowledge to ensure learning sticks.

We encourage our entrepreneurs and educators to fail and succeed forward by engaging in ongoing, experience-based activities. This methodology ensures our ability to cultivate confident entrepreneurs with the capacity to identify and evaluate problems and opportunities, experiment, and become change agents.


One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning.

We specialize in customizing all training programs and learning experiences to meet your organization’s unique needs. This includes the content, length of the programs and how they are delivered. 

Our immersive learning experiences align with your benchmarks for success, ensuring your organization maximizes the return on your learning investment. With extensive international experience, our team ensures a deep respect for the culture and values that matter to your community. 

All programs immerse participants in a range of experiences and activities designed to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking. We will work closely with you to determine the program most ideally suited to meet your required needs and set benchmarks for success to ensure goals are met.

Programs can be a short as one day or as long as 3, 6 or 9 months to ensure the learning sticks and creates the desired change.Training can be completely online, blended, or onsite, depending on your needs

The types of organizations that we have worked with include:

Economic Development Agencies, Foundations, Government Agencies, and NGOs around the world working with entrepreneurs through incubators, training initiatives, and coaching programs.

Corporations executives, and entrepreneurs  focused on working with their internal team to generate new revenue streams supported by best practices in innovation, entrepreneurship, and design thinking.

Universities, colleges, accelerators, incubators, and  educational organizations trying to fuel growth and entrepreneurial thinking for their students, faculty, and staff.